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Source the finest quality textile machinery such as X5 Schlashorst Autoconer, 21C-S Muratec Autoconer, ACO360 SE12 Schlafhorst Open End, Carding Machine, etc. at reasonable prices...
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About Us

Textile industry plays a big role in enhancing the economy of every country, which also holds true for China. With sector growing large with each passing financial year, we, Sinowinning Limited seized the opportunity to be a part of this ever-rising business sector in the year 2000

Since then, we have been recognized as one of the reliable exporters and manufacturers of variety of textile machinery. We are a company of principles, therefore, we strictly adhere to our commitment of quality first and customers are supreme. By committing to these two values, we not only achieve our targets of producing high quality R923 Rieter Open End, BD7 Saurer Open End Machine, BD448 Saurer Open End Machine, R60 Rieter Open End Machine, Carding Machine, etc., but win our customers hearts. Moreover, since our base is set up at one of the biggest Industrial Parks in Jiangxi Province, Fengxin Fengtian Industial Park that is only 50 kilometers away from the provincial capital, Nanchang; 55 kilometers away from Changbei airport and 150 kilometers away from Jiujian port; it allows us to carry out our logistic operations so conveniently. 

Machinery and Technology

With our infrastructural facility sprawling over a 66,000 square meters of land in Jiangxi, China, we are able to improve our manufacturing capability. At present, our base is outfitted with 30 machines and tools including Murata Jet Spinner. With use of technologically advanced machines, we are able to produce 500 tons of our offerings within a month. Besides, our rotor spinning production line is capable of producing 500 tons. However, these are mere numbers and may vary depending upon the requirements of customers. 

Business and Marketing

Being into the industry for more than a decade, we have gained the ability to understand the requirements of our customers and sometimes predict these even before our customers realize it. This makes us define modern marketing strategies. Therefore, we say that our business is touching heights of success because of the marketing strategies that we make.

Why Choose Us?
  • Employees: We have 100 zealous employees working under us, of which 52 are senior technicians, researchers and skilled management staff.
  • Assured quality: Our quality auditors strictly pay attention to maintaining the quality standards of our BD448 Saurer Open End Machine, R60 Rieter Open End Machine, R923 Rieter Open End, BD7 Saurer Open End Machine, Carding Machine, etc.
  • Custom made solutions: We offer our customers custom-made options so that they can get what their heart desires.
  • Price: State-of-the-art technology makes us reduce our production costs while minimizing the sale cost.

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